Glasm Essential Eye Strokes Set

Glasm Essential Eye Strokes Set


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Essential Eyes Stroke

1.BR A009 Lash And Brow Brush:-Create those perfect brows and keep your lashes fuller and fluttery with this eye lash and brow wand. The spooley helps to define lashes and remove clumps after mascara application. Also, evens out the browwax/brow pomede making your brows look natural, fuller and perfectly arched.

2.BR A026 Eye Pencil Brush:- A short stiff brush that tapers to a fine pencil point. It is perfect for stamping color into the outer V of the Eye or creating defined cut crease look. It is good for buffing and softening either cream or pencil eyeliner” and “for applying shadow on top” of liner for an even bolder look.

3. BR A023 Crease Brush:- This long-tipped, tapered brush is designed to flawlessly pick up shadows to apply to the crease of the eye and blend them easily every time. Applies eyeshadow precisely into the crease of the eyelid for an expertly blended look. Small Crease Brush is perfect for targeting hard to reach areas of the eyes.

4.BR A018 Angled Liner Brush:- The soft angular bristles fits perfectly along the lash line and the brow line, providing ultimate precision every time. Can be used to apply gel, liquid or powder eyeliner. Achieve variety of natural to dramatic looks with this thin-tipped liner brush.

5. BR A014 Eye Shader Brush:- Sweep color across your lids with the expert accuracy of this shader brush. The flat, firm domed tip is shaped to work on the browbone, over the lid, and under the orbital bone with detailed application. It also provides precise application for powder, cream, or liquid formulas.

6. BR A010 Tapered Blending Brush:- Blend that shadow with our super soft, tapered blending brush. Perfect to use with powder or cream formulas, it fits perfectly in the crease to blend and diffuse any eyeshadow. It’s great for getting very precise, intricate, and detailed eye looks.


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